Call Center IPPBX Design & Deployment

This call centre Module is designed to make inbound and outbound calling campaigns, allowing the interaction between agents and subscribers.

The module includes a predictive dialer that handles the automatic call of “objective” numbers. It also includes two major components: a web-based agent console and a call management interface.

The Call centre add-on is designed around Asterisk’s queue functionality. This design assumes that each queue has at least one agent.


Fanvil Call Center Phone C01P

  • Automatic call to a list of numbers
  • Web-based agent console
  • Execution of several simultaneous campaigns
  • Agent monitoring (on calls)
  • Predictive dialer
  • Attention Script storage
  • Form builderHeadset RJ9
  • Call Schedule
  • Ability to put a call on hold
  • Call activity reports
  • Break configuration
  • Call retry on campaigns
  • Do not call list
  • External services configuration


  • Reports Breakslide-68-638 1.jpg
  • Calls Detail
  • Calls per hour
  • Calls per Agent
  • Hold Time
  • Login Logout
  • Ongoing Calls Success
  • Graphic Calls per hour
  • Agent Information
  • Agents Monitoring
  • Trunks used per hour
  • Agents connection time
  • Incoming calls monitoring

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