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Asterisk is an Open Source IPPBX Software to establish Unified Communications.

About this concept, it goal is to incorporate all the communication alternatives, available at an enterprise level, into a unique solution.

Unified Communications With Asterisk, It is FIT for all Business.

Asterisk is an unified communications server software that brings together IP PBX , Voicemail, Voice recording , Instant Messaging Fax to Email , Video Conference, Voice Conference Bridge , Reporting, Disa, Call Queue and collaboration functionality. It has a Web interface and includes capabilities such as a call center software with predictive dialing.

It is not only a Telephone system, it integrates all the amazing communication features for your business. It is  your own [ ONE COMMUNICATION ] .


Asterisk is an open source entrepreneur tool released under the license GPLv2. You are free to use it for commercial of personal purposes subject to the conditions as described under its License.

Unified Communication Features:


Supported IP Phones:


IPPBX Cross Border Connection (SIP Trunk IPPBX Deployment)

We can make use of the SIP trunk connection to connect multiple IPPBX together as an “ONE” communication system. IT IS YOUR OWN “ONE” communication system and which can integrate difference country PSTN Network by your own Dial Plan Setting.

It is the power of the IPPBX.

Key Benefits

•Create a virtual enterprise, break the boundary between the Head office to the regional office.
•Both office can share the PSTN trunk  with others to reduce the IDD cost

Key Benefits

•Create a virtual enterprise, break the boundary between the Head office to regional office.
•Integrated Voicemail and Voice logging system for ease to manage

Flexible and mobility for staff or branch office relocation

We can provide IPPBX HA?

Your phones and devices are registered to a floating IP address, so the failover between systems will be transparent to them.

Your SIP Trunks will register to the active node, and if utilizing a PSTN Failover Appliance (optional), your T1 or Analog lines will be directed to the active node as well. Then when the primary IPPBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary IPPBX node in just seconds.

If you have an existing Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx system and you need to ensure its Reliability, High Availability, Configuration, Programming. Our dedicated support team can assist you.

What Matrix can do for your company?

Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd |

Matrix is a highly responsive, effective, affordable option to ensure the continuous performance of your IPPBX deployment. It support professionals are accessible by phone or online and our initial installation or upgrade consultation session will help ensure that your IPPBX installation is running optimally. To know more us here…

If you have an existing Telephone system and you need to ensure its reliability, our dedicated support team can assist you.

Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd 成立於2009年,香港為總部,主要為粵港澳大灣區提供 IP電話通訊方案,IPVPN 網絡方案,保安系統方案 (香港保安公司牌照 – 第三類別 :1702) 及 視像會議方案 的 通訊科技方案公司。

多年來, 我們將IP電話的應用方案引進到一些中港企業,當中包括:旅行社,商務中心,地產公司,零售商,中港跨境Call Center,學校及一些公共機構當中。我們憑著專業的技術 與 誠懇的服務態度 贏得各界的肯定與信賴。為了提升客戶服務質素,我們在深圳成立了 客戶服務及技術支援中心。除此之外,我們亦與世界各地的VOIP系統顧問公司成為合作夥伴。從而為客戶提供國際性的IP電話系統規劃。為客戶節省了不少時間和成本,並且大大提升了企業營運效率。

Matrix 將在IT,IP通訊 及 保安產品的領域上,承諾持續創新,並且繼續為不同的行業開發合適的VOIP應用方案,為企業創造貼身,可靠 及 高效率 的營商通訊平台為目標。

IPPBX Solution, Telephone system Solution provider in Hong Kong

Our Strategic Partner:

Security Company License (TYPE III) | 保安公司牌照 (第三類) : 1702

sgsia 保安局保安及護衞業管理委員會香港持牌保安公司

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Matrix is IP Phone Solution, IP VPN Solution, Video Conference solution & Security Solution Consultancy Company. We based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen,China.

Matrix是一家為香港企業提供 IP電話通訊方案, IP VPN網絡方案, 視像會議方案 及 保安系統 的方案顧問公司