School IP Audio Management System (School PA System)


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TOA IP-1000S IP Network Audio Management System



IP-1000S System Management Software turning ordinary computers in the principal room, office and reception into workstation allow increasing the number of control point without extra cost and space.

Flexibility does not only come from network connection but also the different level of integration with existing conventional equipment.

  • IP-1000AF provide means for existing amplifier to go network by converting analogue signals in and out the network.
  • IP module, AX series and DA-502H digital amplifier connects existing speakers to the network by providing output power from 120W to 500W to meet different requirement.
  • IP-speaker not only provides flexibility in installation but also usage by having local input to integrate with local equipment like classroom amplifiers or wireless microphone.

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Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd
Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd 成立於2009年,香港為總部,主要為粵港澳大灣區提供 IP電話通訊方案,IPVPN 網絡方案,保安系統方案 (香港保安公司牌照 – 第三類別 :1702) 及 視像會議方案 的 通訊科技方案公司。多年來, 我們將IP電話的應用方案引進到一些中港企業,當中包括:旅行社,商務中心,地產公司,零售商,中港跨境Call Center,學校及一些公共機構當中。我們憑著專業的技術 與 誠懇的服務態度 贏得各界的肯定與信賴。Matrix 將在IT,IP通訊 及 保安產品的領域上,承諾持續創新,並且繼續為不同的行業開發合適的ICT及IOT應用方案,為企業創造貼身,可靠 及 高效率 的營商通訊平台為目標。
Founded in 2009, We are an IP telephony solution provider, specializing in VOIP, IP communication, VPN network solutions, video conferencing solutions and security system solutions (Security Company License (TYPE III) No: 1702). With its base in Hong Kong, Matrix’s aspiration to provide broader customer services has also witnessed the establishment of a customer service and technical centre in Shenzhen.

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