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Matrix is Telephone system, IP Phone, IP PBX, Asterisk & Elastix Professional Solution Provider. We based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. | Sales Hotline : +852 39001988

We are able to make all your branches to be connected, it is your own One Communication Platform that is you desire

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Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd 成立於 2008年, 是一家為香港企業 提供 IP Phone | IP PBX | IP 電話系統方案, VPN 網絡方案 及 視像會議方案 為主的通訊科技方案公司.為了提升客戶服務質素, 我們在深圳成立了 客戶服務及技術支援中心。除此之外,我們亦與世界各地的VOIP系統顧問公司成為合作夥伴,從而為客戶提供國際性的 IP 電話系統規劃, 為客戶節省了不少時間和成本,並且大大提升了企業營運效率。多年來, 我們將IP電話的應用方案, 帶進到一些中港企業, 旅行社, 商務中心, 地產公司, 零售商, 中港跨境Call Center, 學校及一些公共機構當中. 我們憑著專業的技術 與 誠懇的服務態度 贏得各界的肯定與信賴. 

Founded in 2008, Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd is an IP Telephone system solution provider, specializing in VOIP, IP Phone, IP PBX, IP communication, VPN network solutions and video conferencing solutions.We offer a full range of VOIP solutions that can help you boost productivity, expand your business in the marketplace, and ultimately increase profitability by the optimal use of the Internet.

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