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M200 IPPBX – Simple & Flexible Design.

Amazing Telephone Features for business.

TDSC02011w800Sipdex M200 IPPBX is an affordable, scalable, interoperable, secure and reliable solution which not only provides traditional PBX functions such as automated attendant and voicemail, but also many advanced features including remote extensions, remote office connection, conference bridge, call recording, call detail records (CDR),automatic call distribution (ACD), unified messaging (voicemail to email), and many more features.

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Full Compatible with SIP TRUNK Provider


 SIPDEX M200 IPPBX 是專為香港中小企而設的IP Phone 電話系統, 耐合香港寬頻及九倉電訊的SIP Trunk 服務, 可佈備100個香港電話號碼, 善用VOIP的優勢, 打通中港商貿的必備工具.

Use Any Device

SIPDEX M200 IPPBX uses open standards. Use an IP deskphone, smartphone, video phone, softphone, Doorphone, home phone, and more to stay connected to the people that drive your business.

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Supported IP Phones:


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Softphone and SIP Client App

It is able to dial out from your mobile, this allows users to communicate with their clients anywhere and anytime.

It supports a SIP client application that allows the iPhone and Android Phone to be used as a IP-PBX extension.That includes remote workers being able to contact other offices or employees. All SIP licenses are FREE.



SIPDEX M200 IP PBX is modular-design IPPBX Platform.

SIPDEX M200 IP PBX is modular-design IP communication platform,

multi-type interfaces can be equipped flexibly for different office communication applications,

such as FXO module,FXS module, GSM module and T1/E1 module etc.




Sipdex M200 IPPBX - All in one IPPBX Solution | Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd | Tel+ 852 39001900

SIP Video Calling

SIP Video Call solution will enrich daily telephone contacts thanks to the video transmission. Hold conversations via IP videophones or the Softphone app not only with your nearest colleagues, but also with those working remotely. See on the videophone or the computer screen who is standing at the gate during an incoming call via an IP video door phone.

Music On Hold

You have complete control over the message that your company puts out to the world. You can upload your own MP3 or .ogg files to play the music and advertising messaging that best suits your company. If you have an external music on hold player, you can connect it to IPPBX as well.

Call Queues

Now you can offer flawless customer service with the powerful Call Queues built-in to the IPPBX. Several employees, or all of them, can answer incoming phone calls to your main line, the sales number, or anything else you need. You can upload music or record announcements, and you can let your callers know when they can expect to talk to someone.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR allow you to control the first impression of your company. You determine what greeting people hear, what options they have, and where their call gets routed. They can be as simple as “Press 1 for Sales, and Press 2 for Support”, or advanced as interacting with your database to retrieve and playback account balances or take payment over the phone.


The IPPBX offers a highly flexible, highly capable voice mail system. Among the features that it offers are:

• Three different types of greetings (Busy Greeting / Unavailable Greeting / Temporary Greeting).

• Notification of new messages through email. The notification message may also include an audio file containing the complete message.

• Mailboxes may be password protected.

• Support Day / Night Mode Operation

Conferencing Room

Bring your customers and employees together by sending an option from your auto attendant or pointing one of your inbound phone numbers to a conference bridge. You can have an unlimited number of callers dialed into the conference bridge from within your phone system. Your only limitation to external callers is based on the amount of phone lines you have set up and available in the phone system. Internal users or remote extensions can access the conference bridge without tying up any of your available phone lines.

Fax to Email

Fax-to-Email engine converts inbound faxes to PDF documents and sends them to a pre-determined email address, whether the source be the company’s main fax number destined for the receptionist, or configured based on DID for employees who require their own individual fax number. Fax software for sending faxes from your computer is also available.

Call Detail Report (CDR)

There is no more important facet to business today then measuring performance. A log of all calls made including: source number; destination number; call duration, date and time. Full graphic reporting included as standard.

VoIP Firewall Insides

Firewalls are very important for servers with internet facing interfaces, and configuring the firewall properly is even more important. IPtable Firewall, Fail to ban, Instruction detection can prevent the attack from internet.

IPPBX Solution Provides

Regardless of which Base Solution you choose, because they are all based on IPPBX you can be assured that they all enable you to:

  • Buy what you need and grow – Flexible and modular system
  • Empower all user – Enterprise class feature and applications
  • Guarantee long term investment – Robustness, reliability and high performance
  • Benefit from industry innovation – Open standards base solution with IP at the core


IPPBX Cross Border Connection (SIP Trunk IPPBX Deployment)

We can make use of the SIP trunk connection to connect mulitpule IPPBX together as an “ONE” communication system. IT IS YOUR OWN “ONE” communication system and which can integrate difference country PSTN Network by your own Dial Plan Setting.



IPPBX & PBX Interconnection

You may consider to upgrade your existed telephone system by step by step without change your Phone set to IP Phone Extension, Just tie with your keyline system as a VOIP Gateway by using FXS or FXO port. It is cost effective and investment protection , because you may migrate to Full IP Phone system just change to IP Phone as easy as you can.


VoIP DID provider application

Stay Close to your Customers, business partners, family and friends having a local phone number in their location. Forward and receive the calls wherever you want, in your office, home, or mobile, anywhere in the world. Use with a softphone, voip telephone, pbx, or your own VoIP carrier.


Bye, Toll Free: 

You may apply any country DID Telephone Number and import to your IPPBX System through the Internet. It can replace the (800) Toll Fee Hotline No by a cheapest way.



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Matrix is VOIP , Asterisk & Elastix Professional Consultancy Company. We based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen,China.

We are able to make all your branches to be connected, it is your own One Communication Platform that is you desire

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