Electric Drop Bolt Lock 電控插鎖


  • 16mm DIA, Stainless Steel 16mm Throw Bolt
  • DC12V Voltage
  • Start 900mA, Standby 150mA Current
  • Suitable for Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door and Fireproof Door


  • 16mm DIA,不銹鋼16mm投擲螺栓
  • DC12V電壓啟動
  • 900mA,待機150mA電流
  • 適用於木門,玻璃門,金屬門和防火



Electric Magnetic Lock 電控磁鎖


  • 208KG (800LBS) Holding Force
  • 480mA at 12VDC, 240mA at 24VDC Current Draw
  • Suitable for Wooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door & Fire Proof Door


  • 208KG800LBS)保持拉力
  • 480mA12VDC240mA24VDC電流消耗
  • 適用於木門,玻璃門,
  • 金屬門和防火門






Matrix 為客戶提供最優質的電話及保安系統,我們會跟據客戶個別需要作出安全風險評估,以設計出最合適及滿足客人特定需要的保安方案。Matrix 提供的服務均符合行業的最佳標準及相關官方和專業組織的要求。

Security Company Licence (Type III) issued by the Security & Guarding Services Industry Authority, Hong Kong SAR


sgsia.jpg Security Company Licence 保安公司牌照 : 1702

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