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Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd is a highly responsive, effective, affordable option to ensure the continuous performance of your Open Source IPPBX such as Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx deployment. Our user-friendly Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx support professionals are accessible by phone or online and our initial installation or upgrade consultation session will help ensure that your Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx installation is running optimally.




What is IPPBX HA?

Your phones and devices are registered to a floating IP address, so the failover between systems will be transparent to them.

Your SIP Trunks will register to the active node, and if utilizing a PSTN Failover Appliance (optional), your T1 or Analog lines will be directed to the active node as well. Then when the primary IPPBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary IPPBX node in just seconds.

If you have an existing Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx system and you need to ensure its Reliability, High Availability, Configuration, Programming. Our dedicated support team can assist you.



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Matrix is VOIP ,Asterisk, Elastix & Freepbx Professional Consultancy Company. We based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen,China.

We are able to make all your branches to be connected, it is your own One Communication Platform that is you desire