Avaya J129 1-Line IP Phone – Open SIP

Avaya J129 - Hong Kong

Key Note

  • Communications Protocol: SIP
  • Lines: 1
  • Ethernet Ports: 2x 10/100
  • PoE: 802.3af Class 1
  • Display: 128×32 monochrome
  • Speakerphone: full-duplex
  • Audio Codecs: Opus, G.711µ/a, G.722, G.726A, G.729, G.729A, G.729AB


Take a look at this entry-level IP Phone with its fresh industrial design and a sleek, slim form factor. It has a small footprint on the desk for the office or cubicle worker, and is perfect for use in location-based or walk-up scenarios. Place Avaya J129 IP Phones in lobbies, waiting areas, lunch rooms, manufacturing areas, hallways, and retail spaces using a two-position stand or a wall mount. The J129 IP Phone supports SIP telephony capabilities, enabling enterprises to replace older analog or digital phones with today’s technology.

The J129 IP Phone addresses the need in small, medium, and large enterprises for a cost effective device that delivers basic voice communication with excellent audio performance, productivity-enhancing features, better resiliency through network outages, and enhanced security capabilities when compared to similar phones in the market. The J129 IP Phone is a one line phone that can support two concurrent calls. Easy to use, the J129 has 3 context-sensitive soft keys and shows display prompts that enables the user to quickly access and confidently use features including transferring or forwarding calls, placing or retrieving calls on hold, initiating an ad-hoc conference call, viewing the recent call history, dialing a number from the Directory or Recent Call History, accessing voicemail, using park / unpark
functionality and more.

The full duplex speakerphone enables for hands-free conversations. The dual 10 / 100 Ethernet ports enable easier building cabling since a co-located PC gains access to the LAN through the J129 IP Phone. The J129 supports Power over Ethernet as a power efficient Class 1 device, again eliminating cabling, and which also enables the phones to work through power outages if the wiring closet is backed up with a UPS system.


SIP Telephony
J129 IP Phone supports AST-SIP software for enhanced features and integration similar to the 96xx IP Phones including simultaneous registration with Avaya Aura® for better resiliency at an affordable price, while allowing many other features such as access to call logs and address books, and a visual message waiting indicator.

Basic IP Phone
The J129 IP Phone supports all the key phone features and call handling capabilities needed for use in walk-up scenarios and for users with basic communications requirements. The handset has built in volume boost for hearing impaired to avoid having to purchase a separate amplified headset.

Perfect Fit For Your Business
It’s a high quality deskphone with a modern, sleek design that offers the right features at the right price. Choose enhanced feature options through the Enhanced IPT license to enable Security & Aura Resiliency features or Core License for supported features including remote access with the Avaya Session Border Control solution.


Ease of use:

Simplified user interface enables walk-ups, visitors, or individual users in offices to communicate quickly and with ease.

Exceptional value:

Get the right communications capabilities at the right price, and with the quality you expect from Avaya.


Provides customers with enhanced security compared to other products available in the market


• OPUS Codec, G.711a / u, G.722, G.726A, G.729,G.729A, G.729AB

Call Handling

• Supports AST-SIP* for enhanced features and integration
• Native support with IP Office
• Single line phone, supports two concurrent calls
• Mute Key with Mute Alerting
• Recent Call Log (100 entries) / Aura Contact List* (250 entries)
• Transfer
• Hold
• Park / Unpark
• Conferencing
• TLS / SRTP for encryption
• Handset has built-in volume boost for Hearing Impaired

User Interface

• FSTN Monochrome 128×32 pixel display(56 x 14.5mm)
• Three context-sensitive soft keys
• Status indicators

Software compatibility

• Avaya Aura®
• Avaya IP OfficeTM
• Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1
• Zang Office R1.0
• Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms


• Dual 10 / 100 Ethernet ports to support co-located PC
• RJ45 connector
• Wi-Fi® : Optional – J100 Wireless Module

Power Requirements

• Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af as a Class 1 device
• For customers requiring AC power, an Avaya global power adapter must be used together with a standard country specific power cord, sold separately


• Support for the following languages:
• English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Simplified Chinese




Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd 成立於2009年,香港為總部,主要為粵港澳大灣區提供 IP電話通訊方案,IPVPN 網絡方案,保安系統方案 (香港保安公司牌照 – 第三類別 :1702) 及 視像會議方案 的 通訊科技方案公司。

多年來, 我們將IP電話的應用方案引進到一些中港企業,當中包括:旅行社,商務中心,地產公司,零售商,中港跨境Call Center,學校及一些公共機構當中。我們憑著專業的技術 與 誠懇的服務態度 贏得各界的肯定與信賴。為了提升客戶服務質素,我們在深圳成立了 客戶服務及技術支援中心。除此之外,我們亦與世界各地的VOIP系統顧問公司成為合作夥伴。從而為客戶提供國際性的IP電話系統規劃。為客戶節省了不少時間和成本,並且大大提升了企業營運效率。

Matrix 將在IT,IP通訊 及 保安產品的領域上,承諾持續創新,並且繼續為不同的行業開發合適的VOIP應用方案,為企業創造貼身,可靠 及 高效率 的營商通訊平台為目標。

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