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Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway (1 x FXS & 1x PSTN – Lifeline Supported)


Key Note

  • One RJ-11  FXS port to connect an analog phone or fax machine
  • One PSTN FXO port to connect to a Telco or PBX circuit
  • One Lan port to connect to LAN, One WAN port to connect Router
  • FXS and FXO lines that can be independently configured

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support 2.0 and correlative RFCs

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support 2 SIP lines

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Codec:G.711 A/U Law,G.729A/B,G.726

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway 3 way conference (Best gear to connect Polycom Soundstation)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support T.38 FAX up to 100 pages

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support L2TP/PPTP VPN

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway High performance of router mode

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway 1 FXS, 1 PSTN(LIFELINE)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway 2xLAN

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Codec:G.711 A/U Law,G.729A/B,G.726

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call forwarding

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call transfer

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call holding

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call waiting

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call conference

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Flexible dial map

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Hotline service

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Call rejection

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Black list function

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Do not disturb mode

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Caller ID

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway WAN/LAN: support bridge and router model

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support PPPoE for xDSL and auto reconnect after disconnected by server

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support basic NAT and NAPT

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support UPnP

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support DHCP client on WAN and DHCP server on LAN

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support IGMP Proxy/IGMP Snooping

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support ping test with keypad-command

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support main DNS and secondary DNS server

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support DNS Relay/ PPPoE Relay

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support NTP Client

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support Firewall/ Stateful Packet

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Inspection(SPI)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support Webs URL Filter/Content Filter

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support MAC/IP/Port Filter

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support VPN (L2TP/PPTP)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support VLAN(802.1Q/P) and VLAN Switch mode

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway QoS with DiffServ(Optional)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Support Virtual Server

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Web management

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Firmware upgradable through POST mode, HTTP, FTP or TFTP

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Safe Mode available

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Supports Auto Provisioning and Syslog

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Adapter Input:100-240V

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Adapter Output:5V/1A

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway 1 FXS, 1 PSTN(LIFELINE)

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway WAN Port -10/100 Base-T RJ-45 for LAN

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway LAN Port- 10/100 Base-T RJ-45 for PC

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Operation Temperature 0~40℃

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Relative Humidity 10 65%

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Weight- Phone:0.41kg

Fanvil A1 ATA Gateway Dimension: 120 x 77 x 24mm

IP-PBX Server Compatibility

Fanvil VoIP products are compatible with all IP-PBXs that support the SIP protocol. Fanvil also verifies that our VoIP products interoperate with particular IP-PBXs without pursuing official certification. Fanvil performs rigorous in-house testing of our products with IP-PBXs, and through such testing we are able to verify interoperability.IP Phone Solution | IP PBX Solution | Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd - Tel: 39001900 -

About Fanvil

The Fanvil IP voice & video products offer the best price-performance point in the industry from the entry level to the executive level.All of our products are designed to fully leverage the benefits of VoIP broadband networks, which are compatible with IP-PBXs from the major manufacturers home and aboard. Innovation makes difference. New fanvil, new change. cert.jpg

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