Remote Support

Log into your customer’s computer remotely, from an Internet-enabled computer to fix any Problem, PC Related Problems, IPPBX Checking, Telephone system Reprogramming, IVR Reconfiguration or provide training, etc….

Firewall friendly and secure, Remote Access Helpdesk is a cost-effective customer service solution that saves time and leads to improved productivity.

Download CS2.exe
Download CS3.exe
Download Mac Support

If you need a remote helpdesk support, please do step by step as following:

Step 1: Please download cs2.exe or cs3.exe

Step 2: Click cs2.exe or cs3.exe to start the program.

Step 3: Please Call 852- 3900 1989 and tell your Customer Code to Matrix Helpdesk Engineer.

Step 4: After verified (cs2.exe), Matrix Helpdesk Engineer will ask you the “Your ID” and “Your Password”. Then we are approved to remote control your PC and start helping you.

Matrix Remote Support Hotline : 852 39001989

Step 4: After verified (cs3.exe) , Matrix Helpdesk Engineer will assign a (Support Server) for your access.