IVR Programming for IPPBX System




IVR , automation or speech-enabled self-service, VoiceXML and IVR automation can greatly improve your enterprise performance and profits. Automating telephone interactions with IVR will allow your employees to focus on higher value calls. Your operations can handle volume spikes seamlessly. You can boost your contact center performance at significantly lowered costs.


IVR system Concept (Basic)

IVR (Digital Receptionist) is basically a way to route calls based on the choice your customer makes. Essentially, IVR is a series of pre-recorded messages that you create when setting up IVR. In the example below, when the customer calls your company, she is presented with an option of which department she would like to reach. In our example, Customer decided to talk to Customer Service Department by pressing 1. Customer’s call then routed to the phones in customer service Department.

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IVR system Concept (Multiple Location)

As you can see, IVR is very powerful feature that can be extremely helpful regardless of the size of your company.

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IVR system Concept (Database Integration)

By connecting the IVR we made in the prior sections to your database, you can allow your customers to access their data without having to speak to an agent.

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