School IP Audio Management System (School PA System)


School IP Audio Management System (School PA System) , Network Public address system  Hong Kong |

TOA IP-1000S IP Network Audio Management System



IP-1000S System Management Software turning ordinary computers in the principal room, office and reception into workstation allow increasing the number of control point without extra cost and space.

Flexibility does not only come from network connection but also the different level of integration with existing conventional equipment.

  • IP-1000AF provide means for existing amplifier to go network by converting analogue signals in and out the network.
  • IP module, AX series and DA-502H digital amplifier connects existing speakers to the network by providing output power from 120W to 500W to meet different requirement.
  • IP-speaker not only provides flexibility in installation but also usage by having local input to integrate with local equipment like classroom amplifiers or wireless microphone.

  Download the TOA IP-1000 Datasheet